Happy Father’s Day, Tim

Dear Tim, As the son of a deadbeat dad, you didn't have a 'Father' example to follow. So you made it up. You're real. Honest. Present. And funny. The perfect father combination. I'm grateful that I get to raise Gilly and Pete with you. Happy Father's Day, Tim. I love you! xoxo, Anne Β Β 


Show Up

Dear Gilly and Pete, Today is the first day of summer vacation. At least it is for Gilly. Don't worry, Pete, you're almost done too. Only two more weeks. This is summer number one, of the five we have left before you both head off to college. I'm certain this summer will be etched in…Read more Show Up

Summer Zero: Kings in France

I know this blog is titled 5summers. I'm already breaking the rules by starting with Summer Zero. Oh well! Last summer we traveled to France to visit the family I lived with during a year-long high school exchange to Tours, France. That exchange experience changed my life. Not only did it provide a complete immersion…Read more Summer Zero: Kings in France

The Family that Masks Together..

It's important to moisturize. And so much more fun with buddies! We enjoyed some quality, family mask time yesterday evening. 13 year old was not game, so we left him out of the fun. According to Cliff, we're having a dry air storm here in the PNW. So cold and dry right now, our skin…Read more The Family that Masks Together..

Chad, the Inspiring Backpacker

I know this blog is called 5summers, not six. This video is from the summer of 2016, or the sixth summer before both kids are off to college. I'm going to cheat and post about the sixth summer for the next couple of weeks. We spent 6 weeks in Europe last summer -- not all…Read more Chad, the Inspiring Backpacker

Welcome to 5summers!

Dear G and P, This online journal is for you. Hopefully it won’t be embarrassing. I promise to keep the really cringe-worthy family memories private. But I do promise to chronicle some highlights of our last 5 summers before you both graduate from high school and move on to college. I hope you will read it and cherish it someday.