This is my sister, Mary. You can tell by the photo, that I look up to her Of the FIVE Powers sisters, Mary and I are the closest in age. She is one year four months and four days older than me


The Gail Chore

I nabbed this family heirloom from my parents' house before any of my sisters could claim it. (Nabbed is a bit of a stretch, of course I asked first!) This beauty is one of a kind. No reproductions have been made. Now it's hanging in MY kitchen. HA! My mom's simple, yet brilliant, 1970s inspired…Read more The Gail Chore


We lived in San Diego until I was 3.5 My dad was a jet pilot in the Navy Serious business F4s Taking off from aircraft carriers in the middle of the ocean Landing too I don't remember much about that time But I've heard the stories And seen the photos This is my grandma, Helen…Read more Grammy


Pay attention Listen to your kid Listen to your heart One survives And sometimes thrives The other hides Seek change Look Ask Listen Learn Talk Discuss Talk some more Ask again For help For support For advice More listening Stereotypes Preconceived ideas You were wrong So very wrong Admit it Be open Never say never…Read more Transitions

Happy Birthday, Dad

Dear Dad, Raised by yourself and your siblings, you're a survivor Giving up, not an option Loyal Dependable Also mischievous I love the stories of shenanigans you and your siblings got up to in Kansas City Moving street signs Pigeons and slingshots Beer delivery Petty cash Also the bond you and your siblings share Taking…Read more Happy Birthday, Dad

Happy Thanksgiving

One day before Thanksgiving Reflecting And Looking Forward Thankful For Tim, my partner in life He makes me laugh He gives the best hugs He can fix anything (really) He's a good listener He pushes me He gives the best advice He's a great dad He's present Thankful For G&P They make me better So…Read more Happy Thanksgiving

Crap Days and Gratitude

Some days are crap. And neither of us want to hang out in the parking lot while little bro runs with his team. She asks if she can drive to the beach. I never say yes to unnecessary driving. But this time I do. And she's surprised. So she puts on Gemini. She takes the…Read more Crap Days and Gratitude