Chad, the Inspiring Backpacker

I know this blog is called 5summers, not six. This video is from the summer of 2016, or the sixth summer before both kids are off to college. I’m going to cheat and post about the sixth summer for the next couple of weeks. We spent 6 weeks in Europe last summer — not all of Europe — just France, a tiny corner of Spain, the Netherlands and a bit of Germany. We have thousands of photos, stories, videos from that trip. I won’t add them all here,  but I do want to post a few highlights so they’re saved in the archives.

This video still makes all four of us laugh, even 6 months later. To be clear, Tim makes us laugh on a daily basis. Here Tim recounts a conversation we couldn’t help but overhear while we ate lunch in an Amsterdam cafe. The backpacker, we named Chad, plopped down next to us and proceeded to make some super loud phone calls using the free cafe Wifi. We recorded Tim’s rendition of the conversation.

So here you go. Meet Chad, the inspiring backpacker.



 – Anne


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