This is my sister, Mary. You can tell by the photo, that I look up to her Of the FIVE Powers sisters, Mary and I are the closest in age. She is one year four months and four days older than me


The Gail Chore

I nabbed this family heirloom from my parents' house before any of my sisters could claim it. (Nabbed is a bit of a stretch, of course I asked first!) This beauty is one of a kind. No reproductions have been made. Now it's hanging in MY kitchen. HA! My mom's simple, yet brilliant, 1970s inspired…Read more The Gail Chore


We lived in San Diego until I was 3.5 My dad was a jet pilot in the Navy Serious business F4s Taking off from aircraft carriers in the middle of the ocean Landing too I don't remember much about that time But I've heard the stories And seen the photos This is my grandma, Helen…Read more Grammy

Summer Zero: Kings in France

I know this blog is titled 5summers. I'm already breaking the rules by starting with Summer Zero. Oh well! Last summer we traveled to France to visit the family I lived with during a year-long high school exchange to Tours, France. That exchange experience changed my life. Not only did it provide a complete immersion…Read more Summer Zero: Kings in France

The Family that Masks Together..

It's important to moisturize. And so much more fun with buddies! We enjoyed some quality, family mask time yesterday evening. 13 year old was not game, so we left him out of the fun. According to Cliff, we're having a dry air storm here in the PNW. So cold and dry right now, our skin…Read more The Family that Masks Together..