Happy Thanksgiving

One day before Thanksgiving Reflecting And Looking Forward Thankful For Tim, my partner in life He makes me laugh He gives the best hugs He can fix anything (really) He's a good listener He pushes me He gives the best advice He's a great dad He's present Thankful For G&P They make me better So…Read more Happy Thanksgiving


Crap Days and Gratitude

Some days are crap. And neither of us want to hang out in the parking lot while little bro runs with his team. She asks if she can drive to the beach. I never say yes to unnecessary driving. But this time I do. And she's surprised. So she puts on Gemini. She takes the…Read more Crap Days and Gratitude

Happy Birthday, Sam

Dear Sam, I vividly remember the day you were born. Anticipation. Waiting. 10/27/2017. Another birthday. 22. I miss you. It's a beautiful Pacific Northwest fall day. So many colors. Orange. Red. Yellow. Blue. I promise to get outside and enjoy it. I love you, Sam. Happy Birthday. xoxo, Aunt Anne

The Family that Masks Together..

It's important to moisturize. And so much more fun with buddies! We enjoyed some quality, family mask time yesterday evening. 13 year old was not game, so we left him out of the fun. According to Cliff, we're having a dry air storm here in the PNW. So cold and dry right now, our skin…Read more The Family that Masks Together..

Welcome to 5summers!

Dear G and P, This online journal is for you. Hopefully it won’t be embarrassing. I promise to keep the really cringe-worthy family memories private. But I do promise to chronicle some highlights of our last 5 summers before you both graduate from high school and move on to college. I hope you will read it and cherish it someday.